Harry Dzumhur

HD Projects is a media production company from Europe, The Netherlands and situated in a village called Waddinxveen. We focus on the development of short and long films, documentaries, corporate films, informercials and commercials. To develop a media production, we use a variety of film professionals from the Netherlands, but also from the USA. One of our topcomposers we like to work with is the Holywood composer Randy Miller. (The Marvel Experience, Without Limits) is a composer, arranger and conductor who has collaborated with such notable filmmakers as Robert Towne, Zhang Yimou, Oliver Stone, Sir Anthony Hopkins, Tom Cruise, Jerry Rees, and Robert Dornhelm.

The owner of HD Projects is Harry Dzumhur: “As a 10 year old boy I was already busy with film. My first short film was a double-8 film I made with my brother. I also shot with 16 mm cameras and did the editing too. In addition, I attended several workshops and training to carry out this work.

As a line producer of Windkracht 10 I have produced an episode of the SPARTA TV, which aired on RTV Rijnmond. The former coach of the soccer club was Frank Rijkaard.
In 2006 I received out of the hands of the jury chairman Johan Nijnenhuis the second prize for my animation Foortie Soe on the Fair Trade festival in Amsterdam.

As a film critic, I had the opportunity to interview the American director Phil Alden Robinson about his 68 million dollar movie The Sum of All Fears. The leading roles were played by Ben Afflick and Morgan Freeman. In addition to producing media productions I have been playing for over 15 years as an actor in various productions”.

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