Advertising already existed at the time of the Roman Empire.

We can review your commercial / corporate film scientifically by   Neurosenics.

Neurensics is Europe’s first neuromarketing research and consultancy agency with direct access to Neuro Imaging techniques. They provide advice and conduct research into consumer behavior based on neuromarketing  research. They have state-of-the-art MRI equipment. The scientific input takes place under the responsibility of professor of cognitive neuroscience Victor Lamme and associate professor Steven Scholte, both teaching at the University of Amsterdam. After extensive research among test subjects, it appeared that Neurensics can predict whether a commercial is effective.

Makro increased its yearly sales volume with 21% using Neurensics Story Board and TV commercial testing.

Neurensics’ subsidiary in Latin America helped wholesaler Makro to create an effective communication campaign by pre-testing a moving storyboard and post-testing the TV commercial. The results of the pre-test (purple graph) showed that the concept had potential. However, the positive emotions (green labels) were activated below average. Neurensics advised on how to activate stronger positive emotions, and with these insights Makro produced the TV commercial. The post-test fMRI results (gray graph) showed that this ad was significantly more effective than the moving storyboard and had a positive effect on the activation of the consumer’s buying intention (corr with effectivity, blue bar). This was confirmed by the results in the market: Makro increased its yearly sales volume with a whopping 21%.


Radio Commercials:
An examination of the Dutch STER ( “Foundation for Ether Advertisement”) into the effectiveness of radio commercials from May 2012 shows that radio commercials are lacking in using humor. Additionally it’s best to use two messages per radio commercials..

TV Commercials:
The “Device Impact Factor (DIF) from the Dutch STER study from 2014 showed that the traditional television screen still has the most impact on viewers/customers.

Company movie
The term “corporate film” is a comprehensive description of videos made for commercial and /or for informational purposes only. This includes business promotional videos, product videos, training videos and informational videos. The purpose of a corporate film is mostly customer acquisition, cost reduction or risk reduction.


The infomercial can be seen as a combination of a commercial and corporate video. The infomercial has the look of a TV program. It discuss quickly your business, products and / or services. The duration of an informercial need not be longer than a commercial, but this depends on your product or services.


The production process often includes the following phases:
Pre-production planning, including script and storyboard. Agreement between video production company and the customer.
Production, including location shooting with camera crew and director. Possibly also, for example, actors and / or presenters.
Post-production and video editing. The filmed material is edited. In this phase, a voiceover recorded, developed a sound design and graphics and 2D / 3D animation added, then can render the movie business, that is to process all the images into one.

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