Alzheimers dream klein

Alzheimer’s Dream

The short film Alzheimer’s Dream is about an elderly demented woman played by Willeke van Ammelrooy who suffers from hallucinations. In 2015 some 46.8 million people worldwide are suffering from dementia. It is expected that in 2050 worldwide more than 131.5 million people will suffer from dementia. There is still no cure discovered that can stop dementia.


Willeke van Ammelrooy (Lead in the Oscar winning movie Antonia/ Played the mother of Sandra Bullock in the movie the Lake House)

Ton Sieben ( Miss Saigon, In het vuur van de storm)

Fred van Kaam ( The Story of Sanoma, Littekens)


Randy Miller

Band of Pirates: Blackbeard’s Map


The film Band of Pirates Blackbeard’s Map is based on the novel about a boy called Peter written by Bruce Mercury & Tiger Lily Jones. The filmdirector is Ethan Wiley. Ethan Wiley began his career as a special effects artist working for on such classic films as Return of the Jedi, Gremlins, and Romancing the Stone.
Our music composer is Randy Miller. RANDY MILLER (The Marvel Experience, Without Limits) is a composer, arranger and conductor who has collaborated with such notable filmmakers as Robert Towne, Zhang Yimou, Oliver Stone, Sir Anthony Hopkins, Tom Cruise, Jerry Rees, and Robert Dornhelm.


1) Vernon Wells, He is a lead actor and has been in over a 100 films, Played Bennett in Commando opposite Arnold Schwarzenegger. Vernon Wells was also cast as the homicidal biker Wez, in Mad Max 2 (1981)[ It is the role for which he is probably best known to international audiences.

2) Anthony de Longis : He’s an actor and sword master/ trainer. He has trained several actors. Anthony gave Harrison Ford extensive whip training in the 2008 movie “Indiana Jones and the Kingdom of the Crystal Skull”. Hij also trained Michelle Pfeiffer using the “bullwhip” in her rol as Catwoman in the 1992 movie “Batman Returns”.

3) Rick Mora: Rick has graced the covers of over 7 romance novels. His career took off when he was in the blockbuster film “Twilight.” He has been in 11 films including the western Yellow Rock. This movie received 18 movie awards.

4) David ‘Shark’ Fralick : Shark has been in over 81 films. He played in the 2000 remake of “Gone in 60 seconds”with Nicolas Gage and in the movie ” Desert Heat” with Jean Claude van Damme.

5) Bruce Mercury: Bruce has been in over 26 films and several tv-shows including “Hook”and “Star trek the Next Generation”.

6) Said Faraj : Said has acted in 37 films and many TV shows.Said’s career has taken off since being the “Green Zone” with Matt Daman.

7) Guido Foehrweisser: Guido is a pro swordfighter and acted in over 18 Films and 42 TV shows. He played a SS officer in the movie “ Inglourious basterds” from Quentin Tarentino.

8) Billy Morrison: Billy is an English actor, singer and guitar player. He also acted in 9 films, and is better known as a rock star, he plays guitar for Billy Idol and is currently also working with Ozzy Osbourne.

9) Kaiwi Lyman: Kaiwi has acted in over 35 films. 18 TV shows like “Hawaii-Five -O

10) Patrick Lambke:Patrick is a 7 time world champion jouster.He is considered to be the master, he is world famous. He does shows all over the world. He has acted in 7 films and various TV shows, including the “Knights of Mayhem”TV show.

11) Liz Fuller: Liz is a former Miss Great Britain, she has been in films and many TV shows

12) Peng Zhang Li: Peng Zhang Li is a 32nd generation Shaolin Monk who started training at the age of three at the Shaolin Temple in China. He is known for The Resistance (2011), Man from Shaolin (2012) and Last Kung Fu Monk (2010).

13) Harry Dzumhur : is an actor, director and producer. His short movie Foortie Soe won the second award at the Fair Food Filmcompetion in 2006. He’s the executive producer for this movie.

14) Jana Mashonee : is an American singer, songwriter, actress, author and philanthropist.Jana is a two-time GRAMMY nominee and nine-time NAMMY winner.She has even performed in two presidential inaugurations at the Carnegie Hall.


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