Foortie Soe is a short animation about a boat of Fair Trade Fruit. The World Trade Organisation has other plans with the fruit. It has won a second award at the Fair Trade Filmfestival in Amsterdam. The animation is written, directed and produced by Harry Dzumhur and drawn by Frodo Kuipers:


Former city Poet from Gouda, Klara Smeets, recites a poem of her own about the painting:” de man met de hoge barret” from the Dutch 17e Century painter,etcher and draftsman: Ferdinand Bol.


Museum Gouda has more than 40.000 art objects in their depot. A large portion was never seen by the public. The documentary “De Schatkamer” shows the building process of two new open depots for the public. The documentary was showed in the movietheater of Museum Gouda.


Her Royal Highness Princess Margriet opens the art exibition about the painter Henri Fantin-Latour.


Commercial of Advana Camper rentcompany.

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